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Rotary Valves
Rotary Valves

Young's precision-built Rotary Valves are used throughout history as metering devices, feeders and rotary airlocks for dry free-flowing materials of varying sizes and shapes. Used with bins, tanks, mixers, silos, classifiers, dryers, collectors, hoppers, cyclone collectors, dust collectors, and other equipment for pneumatic systems and process operations in virtually every industry. Young's valves are used to handle every type of product including those which are abrasive, sticky, fragile, or corrosive. They can operate in very high temperature and pressure applications.

Sizes Available: 1" - 24"

Temperature: up to 2000F

Differential Pressure: up to 100 psi differential
The valves are designed for and tested to several hundred psi internal pressure.

Materials of construction:
carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, and other exotic metals.

Coatings available for:
Chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, reduced product hang-up. Young has experience with many coating and surface treatment technologies, including chrome and nickel plating, tungsten carbide, and stellite.

Models Available:
HC - High Capacity Drop Through - for standard powders

High Capacity Rotary Valve

LH - Low Headroom Drop Through - for standard powders, also for minor headroom restriction

Low Headroom Rotary Valve

SE - Side Entry - for granular and pellet materials, to prevent Clipping/damage to the product and / or the valve.

Side Entry Rotary Valve

BT - Blow Through - for sticky materials or severe headroom restriction

Blow Through Rotary Valve

QC - Quick Clean - Where quick cleanout is required. This valve takes seconds to open and close, and requires no tools for the operation.
Quick Clean Rotary Valve
Quick Clean Rotary Valve





Quick Clean Rotary Valve