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Young Pneumatic Conveying

Some examples of Young's progressive technology used in pneumatic convey lines:

The Young Self-Aligning Flange Set
The Self-Aligning Flange set, which eliminates a major source of product degradation, is a joining system for convey piping. The flange set eliminates internal ledges in the convey line that could potentially provide impingement points for conveyed product. No other pipe joining system can do this. Likewise, the SAF set provides an o-ring seal that is completely isolated from the product contact zone,so that the product is never contaminated with the o-ring material.


Gasket and Sleeve
During installation you are never sure the pipe ends contact each other and that the coupling is centered on the joint. Internal Alignment is not guaranteed.
Welded Pipe
During installation, you must weld carefully to prevent weld drips or splatters from forming inside the pipe. Clean up is almost impossible with a 20' pipe section
Flanged Pipe
Standard flange bolts and bolt holes permit as much as 1/8" inch misalignment. If you use gaskets to seal the coupling, many times the gasket material intrudes inside the pipe and the pipe is not electrically conductive.
Pinch Clamps
During installation, you are never sure that the clamp is centered on the joint, and that the gasket ends don't overlap each other. Internal alignment is also not assured.