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Young Industries offers two types of bulk bag unloading - the traditional bulk bag unloading frame with hoist, trolley and options for vibrating massage paddles and also a new concept in bulk bag unloading called The Stinger. The Stinger is quickly becoming the preferred method for handling very fine powders and other bulk solids as it has many advantages. These advantages are explained, below.






The "Traditional" Young Bulk Bag Frame

(shown here with TMC at the outlet)

Young manufactures some of the most advanced bulk bag systems in the world. The stations include very robust 4" square tube frames to ensure that the station will not collapse at the first accidental tap from a forklift. Our stations always include a heavy duty bulk bag support pan to ensure that the operator is not in danger while untying a bag.

The stations are custom designed to provide you with exactly the system you need for your application. Many options are possible.

Young BULK BAG unloading station


The stations can include:

  • Self contained filter system for complete dust control
  • Electric hoist and trolley.
  • Flow aid devices, such as bag support pan vibrators and heavy-duty bag massaging systems.
  • Bag tensioning systems to help product flow.
  • Load cell systems to accurately determine the amount of product emptied or conveyed.
  • Combined bulk bag and paper bag unloading stations.

Advantages of The Stinger over Traditional Bulk Bag Unloaders:

The Stinger bulk bag unloader can be equipped with optional forklift capabilities to transport a bulk bag anywhere in your plant that requires bulk bag unloading. Because it operates with the use of air only, it can be used anywhere in your plant where air is accessible.

Because the Stinger creates very little dust in operation, a smaller dust collector unit is typically required, therefore, saving you money in not only the filter but also consumables such as costly filter socks and cartridges.

The Stinger unit was designed with hard to flow powders and products in mind and therefore, we have taylored this unit to provide trouble free unloading of materials. We have achieved a great deal of success in unloading powders quickly, quietly and with the proper controls, have eliminated the handling of powders that used to take several steps. With built in load cells and other features, this batch weighing unloader can be unloaded directly into your mixer, blender, reactor vessel and more. Call us and we'll tell you more and also visit our other page dedicated to The Stinger.



Young Industries' New Stinger Bulk Bag Unloader

How it works:

The bulk bag is moved into place and connected to the Stinger unit.

The operator, when ready to fill the process vessel turns on the Stinger unloader air control valve and the material is automatically metered into the mixer.

The operator can start, stop or change the flow rate of the discharging material at any time during the process.

The unique design of the Stinger unloader makes the discharge of products trouble-free without the use of hard-to-use flow aids. The Stinger elminates feed screws, vibrators, and other high maintenance devices.