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(Updated 2/15/12)



Four (4) - Young Industries Model VC24-9-32 Filter/Receivers with storage carts. These filters are 304 stainless steel and have 23 square feet of filter area each. They are designed for use with nine 24" long snap band filter bags. There original use was in a small vacuum convey system for colored polymer grinds (dust to 1/8"). The filters were changed with each color run to avoid cross contamination and the need for cleaning between colors.

The filters are in excellect condition and have 2" tri-clamp convey and outlet gas connections. The product outlet connection is a 4' tri-clamp. The filters are cleaned by reverse air pulse, but due to the nature of the original installation, the pulse header, valves and timer are not included.

These filters would need new filter bags and an air pulsing system to be put back into operation. The units can be provided as is, refurbished to a near new condition, or modified to meet your requirments.

Click on the pictures for a larger view, or click on the following links for PDF versions or the drawings. (Please note that the filters vary slightly from the drawings.)




Filter Drawing

Cart Drawing


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